Janis Monaco Clark lives in Seattle Washington with her husband Bruce and their Boxer dog, Sonny Bone’O. Janis published Tales of a Blacktop Gypsy, Planets & Passages before moving from her hand-built cabin in rural Montana to an apartment in the city.

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Seattle Is a Verb

Seattle screams with verbs: Crashing, lurching, heaving, rising, shoving, pulling, dreaming. There is nothing glamorous about our Lake City apartment. Third floor on a busy street, we do not see skyscrapers or the Space Needle. Our view is McDonald’s golden arches,...

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Gypsy in the City: A Walk in the Park

Little Brook Park, where I walk Sonny Bone’O, is across the street from our Lake City Seattle apartment. The one-acre park is named for a shady brook running through it and includes a kiddie playground plus a track and grassy field. Bruce walks Sonny in the park...

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Gypsy in the City: Why I Love Seattle

    Recently, I had my nails polished, emerald green, to match Grandma Filomena’s May birthstone ring, and to celebrate spring.     Lovely Nails and Spa Salon is on the same street as my apartment. While I chose my color, I heard a man’s voice as he announced his...

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Imagination I told stories as a small child. My imagination was wonderful. I made up fairy tales as fact before they happened. They would be real someday. I was in a hurry so I made stories real ahead of time. As an adult, these stories began to come to life. Did I...

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