I have always painted, until I didn’t paint. Not painting lasted a long time… Now I am painting. I plan on never not painting again. As I paint, a dialog starts, sometimes I have posted these dialogs. People encouraged my writing, they especially loved the paintings when they understood the dialogue. I’m not a writer, I am an artist. With encouragement I will share the dialogue I have when I paint.

Believe in yourself

This is the corpse of a building on the gritty side of Lizzy (the name and of our Detroit home) it was a magnificent building at one time, but when Detroit was busy going bankrupt someone stole the copper roof. Now it sits empty. The top floors gather rain and snow,...

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Black Lives Matter, to me

This piece isn't a political statement, it's the result of my year of understanding Black Lives Matter. In 2019, myself, my partner and my 13 year old daughter were living on the Creole side of New Orleans, just outside the french quarter, a delightful mixed...

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The Prodigal Daughter

  Three years ago on a second date, we met in Detroit and ruminated on living here one day, my childhood city that is going through another revitalization attempt, it seemed like a cool idea to be part of that. First painting is from our hotel window downtown (The...

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