Good Partners

Imagine a Network of Mentors

My greatest desire: To offer education to 200 Million girls who cannot afford to go to school for their health, for the distance, for the cost. True obstacles are personal, varied, and valid. But. The Earth can no longer afford to have her talent locked away. We need everyone’s gifts, especially the girls’. Did you know that women and girls, when added together—Girls’ Education + Women’s Reproductive Rights + Women as Smallholders—are the #1 solution to global warming? Naturally, right?

Perhaps women can build affordable networks of home schools, multi-cultural schools, virtual and exchange schools, create schools in the homes of the awakened wise women in the village. I will support a network of reading suggestions, conversations, teach-ins across bioregions. The whole Earth needs our help and we need to hear from everyone who feels action oriented and filled with love for girls.

Few are born with this consciousness, it is difficult to feel urgency in our early years unless we have mentors who listen deeply. However, we are born with our senses intact, we can sense the earnestness. Best friends offer exploratory and mischievous collaborations but a mentor comes from a different generation and offers visionary guidance through query.

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When I wrote Answering Earth’s Call it felt like I was a hollow bone, a channel between the Earth and her teens. Lifting up a supportive network for teens to be brilliant, this is my next 10-year assignment. I am asking you to join me, that is unless you have a better gig and I can join you.

If I can communicate the importance of women role modeling and of mentoring, then all of our gifts will be given and the spiritual assignment for this earth-walk will be fulfilled. Send emails, women are gathering.

I invite you to tell me: Women you admire and just a line or two of why.
Do you have a spiritual teacher you want to bring to our attention?
Do you do anything special for play?
Have you been mentored? Did you receive value?

Always here, always sending hugs and kisses and love,   oxoxo