Moon Message from Virgo

This next cycle began when the Sun moved into Virgo on August 22nd. Consider this a dreaming space, blink once, here comes the New Moon in Virgo to meet the Sun. Exact 4 degrees 4 minutes on August 27 @4:17am EDT, 1:17am PDT, 9:17am BST, 6:17pm AEST. When Sun and Moon come together in Virgo, they bring Earthlings a sacred opportunity. Holding the energy of collective transformation, each new Moon begins with 3 days of Cosmic darkness — the Dark of the Moon — and each holds secrets of renewal through stages of change. First (now) comes a release, something ends or dies because something else wants to / needs to be birthed. Take a slow walk to discover this spiritual potency in yourself. The release or death of something leads to a mind-body-spirit purification ceremony. Be mindful, use salt and water or heat and sweat. When La Luna descends to rebirth herself, our ceremonies shimmer in the dark.

Earthly Virgo handles all the details and through her mirror we can trust she will hold our dreams with radical tenderness. This is a powerful visioning moment for Gaia with regenerative potential. Transformation is happening to every being through this Dark of the Moon. Let’s be mirrors for one another. Regeneration always follows disintegration and purification.

Image Credit Demetra George (.com)