This is the corpse of a building on the gritty side of Lizzy (the name and of our Detroit home) it was a magnificent building at one time, but when Detroit was busy going bankrupt someone stole the copper roof. Now it sits empty. The top floors gather rain and snow, the bottom floor boarded up with plexiglass so no more damage is done. Reflecting on my own Bankruptcy and what I feel was taken from me brings me to the process of loving myself and finding value in my experiences even though by the world’s standard “I got nada…”  But each day I realize I have everything I need. This leads me down a path of gratitude and in the end a belief that I am enough, I have enough and I have accomplished enough. So I say to this empty vessel “Come on girl, learn to love yourself, don’t spend your life waiting for someone else to fill you up.” That’s all the advice I got, it’s a lot, it’s enough.