Every Day is International Women’s’ Day & Earth Day

Raven says: Do you see how earth-spirit lingers between these two calendar days?

Here at Sweet Pea Landing, we call this Raven ‘Buddy’ which came from him, not me. In the past 2 years, Raven sought me out, sitting on the fence posts and shying from the camera, still he heralds the day awake, caw, cawww. I feel blessed by watchfulness and offer another peanut in reciprocity.

Bless this opportunity to feel the feminine side and sink into a new, heart piercing relationship with Earth, Gaia, Great Mother. Let’s create an inner practice around “we are all related” and give thanks to our teachers. Especially our guides …

In communion with Raven I say, “Let’s get real dear women, dear men, listen to the children. See the delicious hidden power in our silences during the pandemic. We have changed. How have we evolved?”

How many times have we seen photos of children gathering, mouths wide open in their shouts to be heard, on behalf of Earth, for justice, for equality, for attention to what matters. We know children are our teachers, perhaps we need to feel them as our elders. Then we’ll adopt their pain as our own. Their cause has always been ours but we’ve found solace in silence.

Raven says, “Find power in peace and in noise. Evolution could be speaking up, it might be committing to practice deeper relationships with Earth, her beings, and humankind shaping your experiences around knowing, we are all related. And talking about the awe with another.

Raven wing on snow. 

Philamayaye, caw, cawww